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Help Us Lord (Original Version)

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Recorded in Vizionary studio's, Produced by Tyrone Palmer & Zachary Engram.
Arranged, Edited, Mixed and Mastered by Tyrone Palmer with help from Zachary Engram


Jesus, You're the only one who can save our souls
Walking with you forever is the goal
Take us by the hand, into your promised land, oh God

Help us Lord,
give us the strength to overcome in this world (this world)
We love you Lord (we love you)
Hear our prayers oh God and answer us (I'm waiting)
We need you Lord (oh yeah)
Redeem us Lord,
Oooooooh ooooh, ooooh ohhhhhh
Oooooooh oooooh, oooh, ohhhhh

Jesus, you lift up the ones who are fallen down
Healing broken hearts in every town
I know you'll come again and save all your friends, my God.

Chorus (same)
Chorus (same, end)