Vizionary Blog

Working For The Lord! 

I wanted to post an update on all things Vizionary Records! We are hard at work on Cynthia's new single, 'Your Words', and it's sounding great! 

'Come Out Of The Dark', was a real work of love for me because I recorded it while I was still recovering from Covid-19! I pray that all these anointed offerings to God will bless your souls, as much as they have ours!

What He's Done For Me! 

After many battles I am blessed to be releasing my new song from Heaven! I pray that all who listen will be blessed, edified, and encouraged in your souls! God bless you!

Excited For All That God Is Doing! 

I am so excited to restart Vizionary Records after more than ten years! God has blessed me and my family so much during this time of pandemic. Keeping us all healthy and safe every single day! I was also blessed to produce my first song, "Come To Me" that the Lord gave to my wife as I was learning how to produce music in Studio One 5, my new Digital Audio Workstation. It was a joy and a frustration at the same time! Trying to get the best out of my wife and then learning a new program at the same time! Not easy! But God through His Holy Spirit gave me divine inspiration, intelligence, and drive to keep going even when I wanted to quit! But praise be to God I kept going and now on my 49th birthday I get to release an anointed song to the world! To God be the glory! I pray that it blesses all who hear it and helps to open doors of ministry for my wife and I.