Cynthia Palmer Bio

 Cynthia Palmer was born in Santo Andre', Sao Paulo Brazil in July of 1977. She was converted to Christ in 1997, two years after a tragedy in her immediate family. After being baptized with the Holy Spirit at an Apostolic service in Brazil she was baptized in water soon after. "The best decision I have ever made" she said. 

She spent many years serving the Lord in recovery centers, church buildings, and singing in the choir. Cynthia was used of God to bless many congregations with prophetic utterances, and her God given talent of worship and praise. She also taught Sunday school for the youth, and led the worship of her local congregation and many others!

Cynthia was married to Tyrone Palmer in Dec. of 2006 and came over to America in 2007, together they raise two beautiful children and work hard everyday to give them the best life possible!

Cynthia was also used of God to bless her local assembly in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, where she served in the praise and worship ministry, the prison ministry in Kenosha, and she led the women's ministry. Cynthia can also translate sermon's into English, Spanish, and Portuguese!

If you would like Cynthia to bless your assembly, ministry, youth group, women's service, wedding, or special event, please contact us! We are also available for live streaming! We would love to hear from you! Blessings! VR


Music Reviews

Can Cynthia Palmer Lift the audience To Heaven with “Your Words?” 

Drop everything and get lost in Cynthia Palmer's heavenly release called “Your Words” and witness supreme worship at its best. 

On the surface, the contemporary Christian single sounds glorious. 

However, on deeper inspection, you will go on a life-altering journey and enter God's secret place while streaming the tune. 


Let the undeniable influence of “Your Words” guide you back to a place of peace and hope. 


International Christian artist Cynthia Palmer is blazing a unique path through the Christian music industry. 

While speaking different languages, she’s already released an incredible Spanish version of "Come To Me", called, “Venga a Mi.” 

The singer also released a Portuguese version of "Come To Me", called, “Venha a Mim.” 

According to YouTube, the hugely satisfying single called “Come To Me” was her debut release on Vizionary Records. 


"Your Words” opens with what sounds like birds chirping and water flowing. 

And it lasts for six seconds. 

After that, Cynthia Palmer, the remarkable singer-songwriter, makes a grand appearance in the timeless production by Tyrone Palmer and Gabriel Eubank.  

At the nine-second mark, Cynthia Palmer takes the audience on an unforgettable spiritual journey with her superbly written lyrics. 

“You woke me Lord, here I am/it is dawn/speak to me yeah/When I hear your voice/I cannot explain/how I feel inside/I'll never be the same.” 

In the end, after the tune climbs to its peak, it fades at 3:09. 

You can stream “Your Words” today. - EM Elite Official

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Delight yourself also in the Lord, And He shall give you the desires of your heart.” - David

— Psalm 37:4