Recorded at Vizionary Records studio, Kenosha, WI
Arranged and Mixed by Tyrone palmer, Mastered by Aria


1st Verse
I never knew love, until I met you Lord
You reached down from Heaven and pulled me from the world.

Shrouded in darkness, you shined your light
I humbled myself, in your sight.

He's my God, He's my friend, His great love will, never end
He's my savior, He's my King, this is what He's, done for me.

2nd Verse
You washed my dirty soul, and gave me a new life
Changed the way I thought, and blessed me with a wife.

Now that I know you, I'll never be the same
Tears fall from my eyes, as I call out your name.

Chorus 1x
I just want you to know, what the Lord has done for me
He picked me up off the ground, gave me new eyes to see.
And I don't ever wanna go back, to what I was before
I'm pressing on for what He has in store.

Chorus 2x